In the mind of those who don’t know it or have just heard about it, Aspromonte is a dry, harsh, distant land.

Truth is, who choose to overcome prejudice and go see it with their own eyes, realize how far this is from reality.

Aspromonte is that e so much more. It’s green and luxuriant on the tirrenian side, with tangled woods and clear waterfalls. And it’s wilder on the ionian side, where Mediterranean scrub, fruit trees and grazing land are everywhere you look. It’s nest and lair for a great kind of birds, mammals and reptiles, it’s location of abandoned and misterious towns, it’s melting pot of traditions from all the Mediterranean sea, it’s home for stubborn and generous people.

Walking through those mountains is a privilege. You cannot discover every spot, but you can get what you want as long as you respect it.